Visual Resource Analysis

Aesthetic Analysis

T. J. Boyle Associates is the premier visual impact analysis firm in Vermont. In the past decade alone, T. J. Boyle Associates has prepared dozens of aesthetic assessments to satisfy the requirements of Vermont's Act 250 and Section 248/248a, New York's SEQR process, and Maine's land use regulations. With an international reputation as experts in landscape aesthetics, our services in the field of aesthetic assessment range from Site Screening, Historical Analysis, Local Conformance Review and advanced GIS analysis, Plan Development and Site Mitigation.

Visual Impact Analysis and Review

Conducting a visual impact analysis and peer review of other studies is our expertise. We have the capabilities to create high-quality published reports, perform extensive GIS analysis, review community standards and plans, create maps and also create simple exhibits to compare and check others' work.

Photographic Simulations

Photographic Simulations are a major part of a thorough aesthetic analysis. Utilizing CAD software, high-resolution digital imagery, and architectural or engineering designs, a simulation can be created that can be used to evaluate the visual change associated with a project, as well as to portray that change to regulators and interested parties.

Landscape Mitigation and Screening Plans

Depending on the scale, some projects involve sufficient visual change to warrant new landscape plantings and grading for screening purposes. T. J. Boyle Associates has ample experience coordinating with engineering firms, architects, and the public in creating landscape plans that help projects fit within the overall surrounding landscape.

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