South Burlington City Center Gateway

T. J. Boyle Associates and artist Dan Gottsegen collaborated successfully with residents, the City of South Burlington, and Healthy Living to design a space that evokes a sense of place and provides seating and visual amenities to Healthy Living. To transform an urban space into one of artistic interpretation, the design included curvilinear forms and translucent, colorful vertical planes to create a visually lyrical and chromatically engaging experience for the viewer. The main feature, a custom fabricated screening fence, playfully undulates through the site, alternating between sections of vine covered screen mesh and colorful painted images of the landscape. The landscape images themselves are a focal point and were inspired through a charette led by artist Dan Gottsegen involving participants from cross-cultural, inter-generational and senior communities.

301 College Street, Burlington, VT 05401 802.658.3555