Construction Drawings [top]

TJ Boyle Construction


As every project is unique, site and landscape contractors will need plans that are clear, concise, and complete. Site layout and detail plans assure that the design is laid out with the correct dimensions and materials before the plants are ever installed.


As each site differs, so does each plant. Landscape contractors need to be aware of specific site conditions, plants to be protected, and expected installation practices before bidding on an installation. Landscape installation details do the trick.


T. J. Boyle Associates has the ability to design exterior lighting to the specifications of municipalities and light manufacturers. We have the industry contacts and the lighting design software to handle any size lighting plan.


In addition to site, landscape and lighting design, we also offer fence, hand rail and bike rack design services.

Construction & Installation Oversight [top]

TJ Boyle Construction Oversight

Whether your project is a small landscape installation or a large mixed-use building, T. J. Boyle Associates can be there to make sure the work is completed according to the plans and specifications.


T. J. Boyle Associates is available to monitor the installation of all aspects of the site construction, including general site layout, retaining and boulder walls, stairs and sidewalks, railings, bike racks, exterior lighting and patios/plazas.


From 40-foot trees to 4-inch ground cover plants, we can be there to ensure proper procedures and practices are observed.

Landscape Maintenance Plans [top]

TJ Boyle Maintenance Plans

After planting is installed, it's important to make sure that any maintenance crew can easily bid on and maintain the property with ease.  Our maintenance plans utilize the latest in industry standards and yet are specifically tailored to your project so that you get the best in landscape care.


T. J. Boyle Associates can prepare maintenance plans to keep the landscape planting looking its best for years to come. These types of plans consist of a general maintenance section for overall care of trees, shrubs, ground covers and perennials. The planting plan is generally divided into sections and individual maintenance tasks will be listed to point out the work needed for each area by season. More detailed information is provided for individual species in an appendix. These plans help to provide a detailed schedule to keep the plants from becoming overgrown, undernourished or unhealthy.

LEED Approval Plans [top]

TJ Boyle LEED Plans

T. J. Boyle Associates can design the site and supply documentation for obtaining LEED Credits. Most LEED projects we deal with are for site lighting or the shade calculations in parking areas.


LED lights can provide the same amount of light levels as the traditional sodium and metal halide fixtures, but require less energy to light the site. T. J. Boyle Associates has extensive experience in site lighting design, and has the in-house ability to design lighting plans with LED fixtures to be permitted in urban locations, all while meeting LEED exterior lighting standards. We can easily tailor our bid or construction plans for submittal for LEED credit approval.


Through careful consideration of the site conditions and layout plan, we can locate landscaping and trees in a way that helps reduce the 'Heat Island Effect' as recommended by the LEED green building certification system. By positioning trees in strategic locations and using high albedo (white) materials that reflect heat from the sun, the heat generated from the site can be prevented and/or mitigated. We can include shade calculations that document reductions in the Heat Island Effect, which can then be submitted for LEED credit approval.

Permitting Assistance [top]

TJ Boyle Permitting Exhibits

Whether it's preparing exhibits in response to abutters' issues, presenting plans to review boards, or simply running the projector and responding to questions, T. J. Boyle Associates can help you get through the permitting process.


Sometimes section lines or elevations are required by public officials or other parties to accurately portray the proposed vertical elements in the landscape. We can integrate the proposed landform, architecture/engineering and plantings into these exhibits to better illustrate the two dimensional plan. In turn, neighboring parties can have a better understanding of what is being proposed, and if necessary a foundation for negotiation is created.

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