Visual Resource Analysis

Navigate the permitting process with guidance you can rely on

Visual aesthetics has proven to be one of the most controversial and subjective areas of project permitting. T. J. Boyle Associates helps facilitate this process on all project types, including residential development and community planning, urban revitalization, and wind and solar energy development.

All you need in one place

Our firm has provided visual resource analysis services to clients since its founding. T. J. Boyle Associates offers the full range of aesthetic impact assessment services, from preliminary assessment of project visibility through field investigation, assessment of impacts, and production of a high-quality report and exhibits for submission.

T.J. Boyle has a well-deserved reputation for expert testimony on issues of aesthetics, orderly growth and development, and neighborhood character in the permitting process. Our staff has demonstrated record of design excellence and because we are a small firm, all projects receive the thoughtful experience of the partners. Contact us to see how we can help with you project.

Visual Analysis Experts

Our team of experts will prepare all necessary materials – including visual assessments, comprehensive reports, expert testimony, and public outreach programs – for navigation of Section 248 and ACT 250 proceedings using the latest computer technology. Using state of the art technology, our skilled GIS staff conduct site reviews and produce high-quality visual simulations and reports for local, state and federal permitting. We also prepare the detailed Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) according to NEPA requirements.

T. J. Boyle Associates works with:
  • Local and state governments
  • Community planners
  • Residential developers
  • Wind and solar energy developers
  • Private clients

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