Transmission Lines

We work closely with utility engineers and vegetative management representatives, as well as the Department of Public Service, to identify and address potential routes to avoid significant areas of aesthetic concern. Our experience includes single substation/utility project sites, underground electric and gas transmission corridors, and above ground electric lines which span from 1 mile to 130 miles long.

We focus our efforts on mitigating the impact of the project through the relocation and elimination of structures, corridor alignment changes and providing landscape plantings. Throughout the entire process we provide extensive testimony, visual impact reports and corresponding exhibits to address Criterion 8 Aesthetic concerns at Public Service Board site visits and hearings. We have the ability to present our findings in coordination with the utility companies to educate and collaborate with town representatives, landowners, key stakeholders, and the general public that is involved with the project. Our visual exhibits, including maps and photographic simulations, are created in order to effectively communicate potential project changes and impacts to the general public.

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