Visual Resource Analysis


Photographic Simulations are a major part of a thorough aesthetic analysis. Utilizing CAD software, high-resolution digital imagery, and architectural or engineering designs, a simulation can be created that can be used to evaluate the visual change associated with a project, as well as to portray that change to regulators and interested parties.


T. J. Boyle Associates primarily creates 35mm Photographic Simulations or multi-photo immersive panoramic simulations. However, for specialty projects like offshore wind projects, we’ve created animated videos to demonstrate the effect of moving turbines and flashing lights. We have a strong technical background to 3D Visualization, and the firm is a leader in Vermont for creating accurate and illustrative depictions of proposed projects.

Project Visualization

Providing everything from simple sketches for straightforward concepts, more complex renderings of entire developments, build-outs for permitting utility projects, illustrative imagery for advertising and quick aesthetic review, TJBA offers a multitude of ways to visualize projects both large and small. Our in-depth knowledge of programs such as AutoCAD, ArcView, ArcScene, Google Earth and SketchUp allow illustrative creativity without compromising accuracy.

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